AminoBoostXXL is now AminoXXXL

Why Did We Change The Name of AminoBoostXXL to AminoXXXL?

Anyone who has ever changed their name after marriage, or for any other reason, knows what a pain in the rear it can be. As you may know, we formulated AminoBoostXXL over 10 years ago with the perfect ratio and dosages of amino acids to support recovery, performance, and muscle gain.

Our formulation hasn’t changed over the last decade because it continues to be perfect - and far superior to any other amino acid product on the market. We were recently made aware of a trend that could impact the reputation of our AminoBoostXXL product.

 “AminoBoost” has become a very common name for dietary supplement brands that sell an amino acid product.

One of the companies who is using the AminoBoost name had placed a trademark on it a long time ago, but never notified anyone until a couple of weeks ago. And the timing of this fortuitous event couldn’t be more perfect.

So that we comply with trademark laws, and to make sure we highlight the superiority of our amino acid formulation, we will be dropping the “boost” and adding an extra “X”.

dotFIT AminoBoostXXL is now AminoXXXL

Same Great Formulation...Improved Usage Instructions


Watermelon AminoXXXL is the first to transition to the new name, and other flavors will follow as production is completed. You can download the new and improved usage recommendations here

Why The Extra X in AminoXXXL?

dotFIT CEO, Neal Spruce, has recently been reviewing compelling new research on usage instructions for our amino acid formulation.

Although the formulation of AminoXXXL has NOT changed, usage has been updated with the most recent scientific recommendations.

So we added the extra X to give you confidence that your AminoXXXL is the most effective formulation you can find, and your usage lines up perfectly with scientific recommendations!

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